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Prevage Anti-Aging Treatments FAQs

PREVAGE Anti-aging Treaments, PREVAGE Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatments and Skincare by Elizabeth Arden. Finally, a revolutionary skincare technology that slows down the visible signs of aging.

Prevage Anti-Aging Treatments FAQs, What Is Prevage

Why is PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatment so effective?

PREVAGE® is a treatment that does it all. It contains Idebenone, one of the most potent antioxidants available today. A new classification called Environmental Protection Factor (EPF) was developed to test the efficacy of antioxidants. Idebenone received an EPF 95, the highest rating of the six leading antioxidants tested.

Anti-oxidant Comparison - IDEBENONE:95 EPF, Vitamin E:90 EPF, Kinetin:68 EPF, CoQ10:55 EPF, Vitamin C:52 EPF, Lipoic Acid:41 EPF

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What causes skin aging?

Skin aging is a dual process, with both genetic and environmental causes. The visible signs of aging are a loss of firmness and smoothness, the appearance of dark spots and discolorations and the formation of lines and wrinkles.

On a cellular level, metabolism decreases, causing cells to produce less of the essential proteins needed to maintain skin's structure. DNA can be damaged causing premature cell death or alterations in the ability of cells to produce needed components for healthy looking skin.

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Sun damage isn't the only form of environmental aging. What is environmental aging?

The aging process can be accelerated by environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, smoke and pollution. Most indoor and outdoor activities can expose you to environmental aging. Researchers have studied how the formation of free radicals can set off a chain of events that can result in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone and age spots.

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What are free radicals?

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that attack cells and damage collagen and elastin. They are triggered by pollution, sun, stress, smoke, oxygen, even your body's own processes. Free radicals are believed to be partly responsible for aging skin through a process called oxidation, setting off a chain reaction of free radical damage to cells. An example of oxidation is an apple turning brown when it is cut and exposed to oxygen in the air.

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What is an antioxidant?

An antioxidant is a molecule that helps neutralize free radicals and protects skin by helping to block damaging reactions to skin cells.

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Why is the eye area more vulnerable to aging signs?

Because the skin around the eye area is very thin, it has more limited natural defenses against the outside world. It is the first place to show signs of sun and environmental damage: fine lines, crow's feet, dark circles and puffiness.

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How does PREVAGE® Eye address the needs of the eye area?

PREVAGE® Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatment contains I-seryl Complex and Idebenone. It provides essential environmental protection and promotes a smoother, firmer, less lined appearance as it brightens and lifts the look of eyes.

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Why is adequate sleep essential for healthy skin?

During the day, your skin uses its resources to fight environmental assaults. At night it uses the body's natural sleep cycle to repair and renew itself. Researchers believe your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep for optimum recovery. When this time is shortened, incomplete repair can lead to premature aging signs like dryness, dullness, loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles.

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How can PREVAGE® Anti-aging Night Cream compensate?

PREVAGE® Anti-aging Night Cream contains encapsulated and time released Idebenone, Mega Complex-A and high performance moisturizers. It infuses skin throughout the night to boost its anti-aging abilities and help enhance skin's own natural repair process.

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Additional PREVAGE® Information

Prevage Anti-aging Treatment
Anti-aging Treatment

PREVAGE Anti-aging Night Cream
Night Cream

PREVAGE Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatment
Eye Anti-aging
Moisturizing Treatment

PREVAGE Anti-aging Set
Anti-aging Set

PREVAGE Ultimate Skincare Set
Ultimate Skincare Set

PREVAGE Anti-aging Treatment Duo
Treatment Duo

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